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25 dec


10 things to keep in mind when traveling abroad ? It’s important to learn and understand the general laws of the country you are visiting because you are subjected to its laws for your duration of stay in that country. You may be arrested for spitting in public in Singapore. It is for your own safety, and hence you’re sincerely advised to learn from books or internet or friends. ? Any new culture would seem unnatural to you but you should be respectful of it for the simple fact that you have chosen this place to visit because not only for their beautiful and scenic locales but also to know their beautiful people. So it’s better to be aware of the customs and traditions with respect to appropriate and acceptable clothing or the table manners. ? Today, its very easy to learn and know the frequently used phrases and sentences that could help you getting lost in a new country or place, or to ensure you are successfully able to deal in a marketplace. It is not difficult and a little bit of effort would make you comfortable and acceptable as a member of the community. ? Important documents and information such as passport, flight and hotel booking confirmation, and contact details of the place where you are going, should be left with someone at home. At least 2 copies of these documents should be kept with you during the whole trip and if someone is accompanying you ensure he or she has these copies as well. Keep one copy in the locker in your hotel room. Also its advisable that you keep the address and contact details of your country’s embassy in the country you are visiting. ? Food is one thing that you might not find according to your taste in another country, and an upset stomach would take away all the fun and charm of the few days you have planned to experience in a new place. So it is advisable you keep some appropriate medicines and supplements to get you through any such unpleasant moments. In some countries you are also required to get particular vaccinations before entering, so it is advisable to gather such information from the local embassy or from website. Even if a particular vaccination is not the need, it is important to check through the online newspapers of the country you are visiting if there is an epidemic or specific seasonal disease on the rise, to ensure you exercise appropriate precautions once you land in that country. ? It’s also important to keep yourself abreast of the political happenings in the country you intend to visit, just to ensure you avoid potential dangers. It’s also important to keep track of cross-border relations of that particular country. ? While you are on travel inside a foreign land, make sure your valuable belongings are secured firmly to avoid getting snatched. Also advisable is that you do not wear expensive jewelry or accessories in crowded areas. Expensive cameras that do not fit inside your trouser pocket must also be taken care of with extra caution. ? Be in touch with your friends and family at home at periodic intervals but also not so frequently enough that take your focus away from the adventure and fun at the new place. Instead of contacting over phone, it might be a good idea to write a blog once in 2-3 days to keep your folks aware of your whereabouts and itinerary. ? Try to soak yourself in some local fun and specialty of the country where you are, for instance, an elephant ride in Thailand, sand duning or desert safari in Dubai, fish pedicure in Singapore and Philippines, or drinking snake blood in Vietnam. You do not get to do this every so often or in your native place. Keep a city guide and roadmap of the country you are visiting. These are easily available at all the international airports and tourist information counters. Also the knowledge of metro train or bus routes come very handy and you shall be able to save good amount of money that you might get to use in shopping things you long for. At the same time, however, this should not deter you from hiring a cab when in need. Please remember you are there in a foreign land for only a few days or weeks and thus managing time is also important, and a few cab rides should not make a hole in your pocket, it’s after all a very small proportion of your overall travel budget.


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